Animal Comfort Fan

Equipment specially developed for thermal comfort of animals and better performance in productive poultry and swine farming.

Manufactured with a quality and experience of more than 50 years of Marangoni in the development of fan for the national and international market.

See the technical data table below:

Easy Assembly;
Noise 15% lower than market options;
42% higher than the competition;
Very low maintenance.
Technical specifications:
Three Phase Motor 0.50CV 60Hz 6 poles;
Rotation: 1110 rpm;
Voltage: 220/380 V;
Current: 2.10 / 1.20 A;
Nominal Diameter: 920 mm (36 “);
Weight: 21 kg;
Degree of protection of motor IP55;
Structure in galvanized steel;
Galvanized front and rear grilles;
Three-blade propeller.